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Email Advertising Services

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Advertising through email is being increasingly used by all kinds of companies today. Every company is finding the potential in reaching customers through emails. Email advertising is very cheap, fast and efficient. The response rate is also similar to other kinds of traditional advertising techniques.

The company itself can design email advertising, or the company can take the help of a third party advertising agency. There are many such companies today that provide email advertising services for clients. These companies become involved in all aspects of the email ad campaign, from designing the advertisement, collecting the email addresses, managing lists, sending the emails and even tracking the results. They use special software tools for sending thousands of emails in a day. The mails are also sent to customers who opt-in to receive these email ads. This not only improves the response rate, but also prevents the ad from looking like a spam mail, which is outlawed.

These companies can send 2,500,000 or more mails in a day. They are also sent to multiple emailing lists that are collected by other affiliate companies. Some of them also use the double opt-in method to avoid spamming. In this, the recipient also has to confirm his/her solicitation of the email ad. The prices of these services start from just $60 for 1,500,000 opt-in addresses. There are also some special discount options that offer to send the email thrice to 1,500,000 addresses for just $120. Mails can be sent to 5 million people for around $800 or less. The emails are in plain text or HTML formats, with the option to provide URLs of the company within the message. Addresses are also categorized to target the right kind of customers. Categorization can be based on the product, geographic location or demographic features of the recipient. They also ensure a quick turnaround time. Other value-added services include contact list management, validation of the email addresses, processing of incoming messages, generation of replies, multithread verification, the creation of logs and so on.

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