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Sales Training Tip # 21; Teaching the Sales People Relationship Building

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A good sales manager and Sales Trainer must teach each and every salesperson of the sales force for their company the importance of relationship building. Consider if you will the very competitive marketplace where your company and the competition compete head to head. Your competition offers specials, bundling of services and products and even special terms for payment.

Often it is hard to keep track of what your competition is doing and therefore your salespeople may lose sales because the competition is willing to do something at the last minute in order to make the sale that your salesperson has no idea of. Instead your salesperson gets an excuse or another round of objections, which have no bearing on reality of the prospects interests, desires or problems with the sale.

If the salespeople have developed a proper relationship with the buyer or purchaser or with the potential customer then this prospect is more apt to tell them what is really going on and give them a chance to match the competitors bid, special offer or special terms.

Even with super intelligence in the marketplace of what your competitors are doing it still behooves each salesperson to be on a strong relationship basis with every prospect they are offering or attempting to sell your products and services to.

Sure, the responsibility is with the salesperson however, in the real world it is the sales managers duty and responsibility to the company to know what is going on and the psychology behind what the salesperson is doing. Please consider this in 2006.

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