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Sales Training Tip #17; Be Persistent and Do Not Harass

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As a sales training person you are well aware that many times news salespeople will be over persistent in order to achieve the sale. Often they will push the sales process along too fast and fail to answer objections from the client or fail to develop a relationship with the prospect or the potential customer. This leads to huge problems in that on one hand your salesperson is very persistent but on another hand they are harassing the client.

This can lead to burned territories and upset feelings from prospects and actually drive them away from your company to your competitors. Sales training professionals and sales managers both have to be watchful of their sales force and make sure that their salespeople are not harassing prospects, yet are persistent overtime in developing a proper relationship and also understanding the customer’s interest, objections and questions.

Sales trainers need to make sure that the salespeople understand that persistence and perseverance is important however, harassment and acting like a pest will kill the sale. If a salesperson is persistent, but harasses the client they’re wasting both the client’s time and the salesperson himself. As a sales trainer is important for you to establish the difference between these two methods and help the salesperson understand where to draw the line. Consider all those in 2006.

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