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Are You a Social Turkey?

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Are you a social turkey when it comes to family get-togethers or at parties with friends? Do you often find yourself not wanting to deal with all the commotion, gossip and what not? Many people are social turkeys and do not even realize it and we’re not just talking about Thanksgiving either?

Consider if you will all the graduation parties going on around country right now, how many have you attended and how many have you attended but not really participated in? What is a social turkey anyway? Are you the life of the party and look at other people who do not want to be involved in all the hoopla and think that they may be a social turkey?

The phrases social turkey comes with negative connotations and it either means that you are anti-social, often skip parties or go to parties in just hang out in the corner and maybe talk only to a few people. Apparently that is what a social turkey is, so, are you a social turkey? Is a social turkey a bad thing or a good thing?

Perhaps it depends on what kind of a party is going on or what kind of an event is happening. A social turkey might actually be the designated driver and in that case you may be a social turkey but you’re the hero of the group. In just think how many lives you’ve saved over the years. If someone calls you a social turkey just look at them rather puzzled because chances are the yare drunk off their butts and looking like a fool anyway. Consider this in 2006.

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