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Dreams …

When God gives you a dream he usually shows us the end by that I mean he shows us “the accomplishment of the dream”; he doesn’t show us the process of accomplishing the dream because I tend to think that if he showed us the process most of us would say forget it its too hard. It’s too tough I can’t do this… I don’t think I want this as much as I thought I wanted it.

The process is “hard stuff” and I tend to think that this is the part that most of us quit and give up on our dream… this is where we abort the dream and the few who endure are the ones who see their dream come to its entirety.

Don’t give up on your dream just because it is hard… Endure so that you can leave to tell the rest of the world how you endured because I tend to think that most people are so quick to tell us how they became a success its very seldom that we hear about how people endure. People don’t tell us of how during the journey to their success they felt like giving up. Endure for your dream and to help others.

Linda Lung’aho is a Compting student studying in her final year. She has a passion for reading and writing.
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