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Video Cameras

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Cameras have been widely used over the years to capture precious moments. However, these photographs were able to record only a few single moments of life. The need for continuity in recording events led to the invention of a video camera. Unlike traditional cameras, which use photographic film, video cameras use entire videocassettes to capture electronic images of entire events.

Initially, video cameras were designed to facilitate television broadcasting. A few decades earlier, video cameras were exceptionally large devices. It was necessary to fix them on big trolleys in order to be able to use them. In modern times, smaller varieties, which are portable and can be carried easily, are widely available.

There are two types of professional video cameras available. The primary kind looks like a big camcorder and is highly developed and portable. The other type can be referred to as studio cameras and do not have endless recording capacity like the former.

Camcorders are video cameras that are designed for amateur photographers and household uses. Before the camcorder was developed, people used special video cameras and VCRs to replicate video recording. These were less advanced and designed to cater to consumer usage.

Camcorders derive their name from a unit, which houses a camera and recorder. Camcorders have evolved with time and now come in more compact, lightweight and user-friendly models. These new cameras can record for several hours on end. The recording is done either on a small videocassette, blank CD or a DVD. In some cases, a LCD screen is present for the user to preview the recording.

A third type of camera, called closed-circuit television, is also very popular. As the name suggests, these devices use a camera and television assembly to monitor a certain area or people. This type of surveillance is common in areas that require additional security such as banks and airports.

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