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Cheap Portable DVD Players

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Cheap, portable DVD players are portable DVD players that are at the lower end of the pricing scale. They are typically priced in the $100 to $200 range, with most being priced closer to the lower limit of the price range. With a few exceptions, most of the players in this segment of the portable DVD player market are not the big names in the industry. Low-priced models from Coby, Mustek, Astar, CyberHome, and Audiovox dominate the cheap portable DVD players’ segment.

Portable DVD players are DVD players that enable you to watch movies whenever and wherever you like. They allow you to watch a movie “on the go.” DVD players are devices that play digital video discs (DVDs), an optical disc storage media that stores data, including movies. Since these days DVDs are primarily used to store movies – given the large storage capacity that these discs possess – they have come to be synonymous with movie discs. The discs are normally twelve centimeters in diameter, although a few also come with an eight-centimeter diameter.

Even though they are priced lower, cheap portable DVD players have features that are comparable to the high-priced premium models. Most of them have a seven-inch or eight-inch liquid crystal display or LCD screen, which is attached to the player. There are also a few with a five-inch- or six-and-one-half-inch-wide screen. They are also light and compact. Most also play almost all of the media formats and support all the television systems. However, since one gets what one pays for, there are various other features of the premium models that cheap portable DVD players do not necessarily carry. But, for the price, cheap portable DVD players are a good option for the mobile traveler who is interested in getting the basic yet important aspects of a movie experience.

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