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Fourth of July Gifts for Our Great Country

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Not everyone gives 4th of July gifts. For some, the only occasions for presents are Christmas and birthdays. But think about it this way: the 4th of July is the birthday of our country! So, doesn’t our country deserve a birthday gift?

Generally, on birthdays, you give presents to the birthday person. Well, I suggest that you do the same with your 4th of July gifts – your 4th of July gifts should go directly to the country.

So, what are some good examples of 4th of July gifts?

· Adopt-a-highway – gather your company family, a church group, a club, or any other group and adopt a section of the highway. Adopt-a-highway programs differ from state to state, but one example is that you have to adopt a section of the highway that is at least 2 miles in length for at least 2 years, and you must pick up litter at least three times a year.

· Maybe the commitment required with adopt-a-highway is not something you are too excited about… in that case, just go out and pick up litter! Pick it up around your neighborhood, at a park, on the beach, in the mountains, etc.

· Plant a tree.

· Educate youth about the environment. There are many opportunities to educate youth about taking care of the environment and thereby taking care of our country. Even if you just teach your children or maybe even their friends, it can really help.

· Educate others about voting and the government. Our country is founded on a great constitution that promotes a great government. Of course, one of the things that makes our government so great is the fact that we can participate in it. Make sure that you participate in our government and encourage others too, as well. Be sure to vote, learn more about the constitution, attend a town meeting, etc.

· Volunteer with a local non-profit organization for the day! Helped disabled or underprivileged kids. Read a book to an elderly person. Help clean up the youth center. Do whatever you can to help others in your community. Nothing is better for a country than citizens who are united in a cause to make the country better by bettering themselves and their neighbors.

· Join the army! All right, so maybe you do not want to join the army, but you can show support for troops by donating time or money. Check with your state and see how you can support our troops.

· Be happy! Our country is founded upon the idea that you should be able to pursue your own happiness. Nothing could make our country happier than having happy citizens.

These are just a few possible 4th of July gifts that you may want to consider. Of course, some other great 4th of July gifts include watermelon, hot dogs, fireworks, and red-white-&-blue cakes! These presents may not do the country a ton of good, but you and your friends are sure to like them!

Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on holiday ideas, please visit Distinct Gift Baskets.

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