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Work Place Communication in the Net Centric Battlespace

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Work place experience is extremely important and nowhere is it more important than to military professionals and commanders in battle. Many battles have been won or lost solely based on having superior communication over the enemy. In the new paradigm of warfare you can consider Work Place Communication omnipotent and worthy of your undivided attention.

This is why the United States of America Military has spent billions designing communication systems and state of the art encryption for the modern Net Centric Battlespace. “Lose Lips Sink Ships” and the communication must be secure, just as if it were an IT system in a modern Corporation trying to secure itself from hackers.

A lot can be learned from the military, their chain of command and their seriousness of the little details in the Net-Centric Battlespace. Work Place Communication in the Net Centric Battlespace is the key to winning the war and the battles. Now then, have you considered why the US Military is the most powerful force on Earth?

Well then, why don’t you pay more attention to work place communication in your company? After all you are constantly battling it out in the market place for the rights to service the customer right? Consider this philosophical point and think on this in 2006.

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