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Work Place Communication at NASA

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When businesses talk about workplace communication they often talk about the importance of the efficiencies of the workflow. Workflow efficiencies need fewer employees so they can become more productive and develop a stronger synergy and teamwork to get the job done faster.

Workplace communication in the office is one way the business can improve efficiencies throughout the entire company. As we look at some of the top companies and their workplace communication we can see that with high-tech computer systems employees are able to talk over long distances as if the other person were in the real next room. And those who are in the next room often communicate via instant messaging and E-mail rather than peaking their head out the door and shouting down the hall or in a Corporation using the old proverbial paper memo.

If we want to study workplace communication there is probably no better place to do that then at NASA. Consider if you will be importance of workplace communication when ground control is working with the international space station, the space shuttle or feeding data from an unmanned probe. You can understand that workplace communication at NASA is a matter all life and death and or billions of dollars in research which could be lost if a mistake is made it communication.

Perhaps if you consider the workplace communication in your company you can understand the value of studying such case studies as NASA to improve the workplace communication in your company. Consider this in 2006.

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