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Work Place Communication and Failures in Natural Disasters

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During natural disasters of Mother Nature, often work place communication can be the key between life and death. Workplace communication and failures are nothing new to natural disasters and often those who study man-made accidents or events often find problems in the communication process between the parties who could do something about it.

We learned after the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season and after 911 that workplace communication between agencies was a major factor in getting help to the victims and enforcement against the international terrorists. In each case we see how communication systems and failures to communicate made the all ready deadly situations even worse.

Workplace communication and failures in natural disasters costs more lives then they need to. Improving workplace communication between government agencies, private nonprofits, informing of citizens and with the business sector prevents large-scale disasters from becoming much worse.

A mistake at a critical time will compound the response time and that means some people will not get help in time and could possibly die. Any military commander will tell you that communication is the key to winning the battle. Workplace communication in the middle of a chaotic situation can prevent failures in the much-needed response during natural disasters. Please consider this in 2006.

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