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Yahoo Spanish Dictionary – A Review

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Many search engines and directories, in their attempts to be global portals, offer various dictionary capabilities on their websites. One of the websites that does this is Yahoo.

Yahoo is one of the most popular websites on the planet and the reason is because of what they offer their visitors. One of the services they offer is a Yahoo Spanish dictionary. Actually, it isn’t a monolingual dictionary; rather, it’s a bilingual Spanish English dictionary.

The dictionary is actually The American Heritage Spanish Dictionary. First of all, you can find the location of the dictionary on Yahoo’s Education dictionary site.

This Yahoo Spanish dictionary is free and seems to be a pretty good online dictionary. It boasts more than 70,000 entries with more than 120,000 definitions. What I like about this dictionary is that it’s been newly revised and includes a ton of current vocabulary in all new fields, such as the Internet, telecommunications, and the computer industry.

Another good thing about the dictionary is that it uses Latin American Spanish, rather than the Spanish spoken in Spain. In addition, it features American English.

One of the really good things about this dictionary is that it comes with an online user guide in both English and Spanish. This user guide is similar to appendices listed in the back or middle section of many bilingual dictionaries. The guide contains all sorts of useful information, including a guide on using the dictionary, grammar notes, common abbreviations in English and Spanish, as well as some other really useful material.

All in all, the Yahoo Spanish dictionary is one of the better online Spanish dictionaries I’ve seen online and it’s definitely one that I would recommend you add to your bookmarks. You’ll use it often and it will help you out tons.

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