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DVD Ripper

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Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) media format basically stores data with the finest visual and audio qualities. You would not want to purchase your favorite movies at skyrocketing prices and t find out they have been scratched or some data has been lost. DVDs are becoming less expensive, however you cannot take them granted, they can be destroyed. That’s why it’s good to know there is a method of copying. However, no matter how inexpensive they can be, you still cannot take for granted the loss that will overcome you once they are ruined. Good thing there is a method of producing a “safety copy”. DVDs called “ripping.”

It is essential that your computer support the software that will tolerate DVD ripping. To copy a DVD, insert the DVD you want to copy into the drive. Next, start verifying which files and folders you wish to copy. Upon inserting the DVD into the hard drive, a list of the files and folders will appear. It is important to note that the movie is usually placed in the video TS folder. This folder contains other files as well such as the .IFO file and the .VOB file. It is the .VOB file that contains the film itself and the .IFO file houses the directions as to when to load additional files.

Your computer system ought to have sufficient memory, storage space and reliable processing speed before you can access DVD ripping. The device that you will use in ripping– a DVD –must be available. You can choose either a DVD burner or a CD burner. Utilizing a DVD burner proves more effective when it comes to disc space and resolution.

DVD ripping has always been a recognized safe way of recopying. One important reminder though, you can always work on DVD ripping but be sure that you do not transcend its legitimacy.

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