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Nakshatra and Presiding Deity

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The Indian Star System or Hindu Nakshatra system divides the ecliptic the apparent path of the Sun in the sky into 27 equal divisions of 13 degrees 20 minutes each.

This system is a scientifically designed system. This mysterious system reveals all the present, past, future events of every man.
These 27 nakshatras or stars are closely related to each and every man/woman.

For every star there is a Presiding Deity. It is very interesting to note that the stars and presiding deities are revealing all the secrets of Devas (Divine Angels) and Human beings.

We have to choose the favorable star for our success at the time of beginning of a new venture. Once you know this complicated science of Stars, you will gain all round success in every sphere.

The Hindu way of life insists choosing the right star for the right venture.
The twenty seven nakshatras and the respective Presiding Deity are given below:

1) Ashwini – Aswins
2)Bharani – Yama
3)Krittika – Agni (Fire)
4) Rohini – Prajapati
5) Mrigashirsha – Soma
6) Aardraa –Rudra
7) Punarvasu – Aditi
8) Pushya – Brihaspathi
9) Ashlesha – Sarpa
10) Maagha – Pitris
11) Poorva Phalkuni – Aryama
12) Utra Phalkuni – Bhaga
13) Hasta – Savitar
14) Chitraa – Tvashtar
15) Swaati – Vayu
16) Vishaakha – Indra and Agni
17) Anuraadha – Mitra
18) Jyestha – Indra
19) Mula – Pitris or Nirriti
20) Poorvaashadaa – Apa (Water)
21) Uttaraashaada – Viswedevas
22) Shraavanaa – Vishnu
23) Dhanishtha – Vasus
24) Shatabhisak – Varuna
25) Poorva Bhaadrapada – Ajaikapad
26) Uttara Bhaadrapada – Ahirbhudhuya
27) Revathi -Pooshan
More on secrets of the stars will be enumerated in the next article.

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