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DVD Projector Rentals

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DVD is a type of optical storage technology. Digital form of storage has completely replaced magnetic storage media like floppy disks. DVD is the acronym of Digital Versatile Disk and is better than CD in terms of audio and video quality. It is versatile and can be played in DVD players and computers.

DVD comes in various formats like DVD-R and DVD-RW, the R and W means read and write capacity of the disc. DVD players can play units can play a various units audio and video discs in different formats such as CD-R, CD-RW, mp3 and VCD. DVD players also support jpeg formats. Some DVD players have recording features.

DVD projectors are used to project audio and video images from DVD players and VCR. Care should be taken to ensure that the medium used is compatible with the DVD projectors. For instance, some DVD projectors don’t support inputs from computers. While hiring DVD projectors, the accessories are DVD players, DVDs, sound systems and screens. These have to be carefully chosen. They also come with IR remote controls and laser pointers. The output can be fed into high resolution plasma and LCD displays.

Some of the branded names available for rental come from 3M, Canon, BenQ and InFocus. They are available in different models with different features. DVD projectors can be hired for as low as $80 and the accessories are charged with their own rental rates. The rental companies require credit card information and an ID. Since DVD projection is of high quality, the major segment is the corporate and business houses for their presentation requirements.

DVD projectors, because of their versatility and high quality, are used in wedding receptions and other staging events such as conferences and trade shows. DVD projectors have made the film projectors less attractive.

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