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Employee Time Clock Software

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Employee time clock software is a part of the time clock software and provides the ultimate way to control the efficiency of employee hours worked.

This software helps to do away with the conventional paper time cards. These time clocks automatically calculate employee hours, overtime and off-time pay, in an easy-to-use system to manage hourly labor.

With the use of automated time clock software, employees can improve efficiency and eliminate or minimize errors associated with manual calculation. Also, an employee is assured that all the hours they put in will be efficiently tracked and consistently calculated for processing payroll.

Also, employees who work on an hourly basis would just need to type a few keystrokes instead of punching the old style mechanical time clock to start off their work day.

Ultimately managers can measure efficiency in each division more competently.

Time clock software keeps accurate time entry records and allows each employee to easily punch in and out. It can easily and efficiently track employee time spent on different projects. The automated software program completely manages the time data and employee profiles. Moreover, it makes employee scheduling easy and saves a lot of manual time tracking effort. Time clock software is also the perfect option to existing work schedules where flex time and multiple shifts are very common.

Some of these software programs are so advanced that they can detect and document repeated chronic or habitual absenteeism (Fridays and Mondays, for example) and also list absenteeism by category for each employee.

It is a complete and comprehensive software solution for managing employee time, attendance, vacations, sick time and holidays. The employee time clock software ensures the collection, management, and distribution of employee hours in real time.

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