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Fly Fishing

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Fly fishing is a method that makes use of artificial flies to lure fish to the hook. It is a hobby traced back from many years ago and considered as an ancient, distinct angling method. For most anglers, to fly fish is enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding in varied ways; hence, it’s now the most exciting and fast-growing sport all over the world.

The challenge in this fishing method is to cast the fly line without making any sound and to land the bait softly; depending on what type of fish you want to catch, you either land your bait on the surface of the water or just below. Most fly fishers use flies made with feathers, bits of animal fur, thread and other materials that match the sizes and colors of those insects that most fish like to eat.

Along with the evolution of fly fishing, the technology of designing and manufacturing equipment used to fly fish has also improved. Early on, anglers used a simple rod; a pole from which fishing line could be anchored. On the other hand, modern day fly fishing now employs new materials such as plastics, carbon graphite, fiber glass or split cane on equipment. Running rings were also added to rods giving anglers a new way of controlling the fishing line — a very important aspect in fly fishing.

Among the reasons why many love fly fishing are so many beautiful surroundings to fly fish — a winding river in a forest, a blue lake on some of the world’s “big sky” country, or in a quiet stream up in the mountains. Finding the next destination for fly fishing is challenging for some and a rewarding experience for others.

If you’re new to fly fishing, you should learn the basic like choosing the right equipment. There are different rods, tackles, fly lines, reels, etc. that are available.. You should also know what type and kind of gear is appropriate for a certain fishing spot and season because the equipment used varies depending on the weather.

But knowing the right spots and equipment won’t be enough for successful fly fishing. You need to learn about the fish to help improve your catching skills. You need to know their habits, tendencies and characteristics.

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