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What Do You Call Someone Who Causes Commotion? English Language Needs a New Word

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What you call someone who is causally and constantly causing chaos, controversy and commotion? I call that person a commoter! Many people believe it is not fair for me to make up new words and invent-a-words. Yet if you think about it there is no word for someone that causes commotion in the English language. We need to have such a word for these people who were constantly causing problems.

A commoter to a lesser degree is someone that promotes doom and gloom and is always telling you that the world will end and that everything that is going on, well they say it is so very critical and everything that someone says negatively turns into gossip. Bill O’Riley and Ann Coulter could be considered commoters.

As a nonpolitical type, I do not have anything necessarily against these two people, as it is fun to watch the mass media hysteria because of all the commotion that they stir up. Nevertheless, these two people top my list as major commoters. Are you a commoter?

I suppose being a commoter is a lot of fun and it is fun to watch humans running around in a Tizzy knowing that they cannot control themselves, but nothing is more fun than watching a commoter in action; whether at the office, on the Donald Trump Show, in a Sit Com or even on the nightly news. We all love commoters! I therefore move we add them into the English Language today. Consider this in 2006.

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