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Team Building for a Mobile Car Wash Business

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Team= Together Everyone Accomplishes More or so the acronym says. We often hear about teams in sports, military, corporations and politics. But team dynamics can also be found in very low-tech businesses. Consider if you will a crew of mobile car washers or mobile fleet vehicle washers.

A crew of mobile car washers may have up to 4 people on the crew and a team of mobile fleet vehicle washers may have five or more on the crew and if they operate in an efficient manner like the sports team; the company will make it a lot more money and they will get each job done sooner so they can do more jobs.

One way to build a strong team on a mobile car wash business is to make sure the team leader is a high-energy person with some athletic experience. Once the crew starts egging each other on the real synergy can be developed and they can pick up the pace.

Having been in the mobile car wash business for over 27 years I can tell you when working with new franchisees that once the team got good working together it was incredible the number of cars that could be washed in a single day.

I can remember times where we would pull into a parking lot and our competition would be their detailing or washing a few cars and we might wash and wax some 15 cars and leave, while they were still working on two cars. Why, well together everyone accomplishes more. Consider this in 2006.

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