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What Law Firms are Looking for in a Resume

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What our law firms looking for in a resume, well they’re looking for paralegals to do all the work and it is best to have little if any ethics if you wish to get hired, all they want is loyalty, not ethics. If you can demonstrate that you have no ethics and do not care about people and are only interested in making money and sponging off the wealth of society like a parasite in a scum pond, then you might be able to get a job at a well respected and professional law firm.

Law firms in my opinion are also looking for people who will help them double bill and triple bill clients for work that was never completed without saying anything. Law firms are looking for people who will look the other way and do as they are told and smile and wear nice clothes and act professional even though they are screwing over every man, woman and child in the United States of America and destroying our nation. I believe that law firms are looking for terrorists both domestic and international to help them or rip off society and civilization.

If you are looking for a job with a professional law firm; You need to be able to BS, have some acting experience and have been an only child. That helps. It also helps that you can demonstrate during the job interview that you can pretend to have ethical standards but are willing to do just about anything to make money.

They want to make sure you can lie just as good as they can and if so there is a job waiting for you whether or not you have a law degree in a professional law firm and that is my opinion and if you don’t like to you can stick it up your you know what.

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