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Top 7 Tips for Deck Cleaning Companies

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If you are considering getting into the deck and gazebo cleaning and coating business then there are many simple tips, which will help you increase your sales. For instance direct mail advertising seems to work best for getting new customers.

Additionally if you ask each and every customer after you have done a service for them if they can refer you to three more clients then you will give them a 10 percent discount on their next cleaning you will increase your customer base.

One thing we always felt that works well is to put a sign out front, which states that your company is currently cleaning and treating the deck at this home. Also it pays to put brochures in a little tiny mailbox on the stem of the sign. All deck cleaning companies should have Web sites where people can go and ask questions about how you do the cleaning and what kind of products you use when you treat the decks.

It also makes sense to have a 4 to 5 year guarantee. Deck cleaning companies don’t always have signage on their vehicles, but they should be an especially on the rear of the vehicles so while people are stuck in traffic they can read the sign. Always make sure you have your phone number on your vehicles, which can be seen from all sides, including the front of the vehicle.

If you’re going out to the movies with your family is best to park in the first row and take your work vehicle and put business cards at a 45 degree angle in the window jam on the drivers and passenger side. Please consider all these tips in 2006.

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