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Sales Training for Car Washes

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It is important for carwashes to train their employees how to sell especially if it is service writer that the customer talks to first when they pull up. It is also important for the cashier to listen to the customer and perhaps engage them in conversation in case they want add-on services.

For instance if your carwash also does auto detailing, windshield repair and oil changes or does other automotive types services on the property then it makes sense that the cashier understand how the ancillary businesses works and is able to properly answer questions for the customer and sell those services.

It is a known fact in a carwash business that it is easier to sell services to someone who has already purchased a carwash, then it is to get a new customer. Up selling services at a carwash makes sense. The greeter or service writer should be the first person that the car owner contacts when they pull up and get in line at your carwash and they should engage the customer and listen very closely to their needs.

The Service Writer must work with the customer to problem solve and show or tell the customer how the carwash can go about solving those problems. For instance a customer may point to a spot on their carpets or a scratch on the side of their car from a shopping cart today and would very much like it removed.

This service writer should be able to look at that and know if it is possible that the carwash can fix that problem and if so sell the appropriate services so the customer is fully satisfied and let the customer no it is risk free, if they cannot fix it, they will not be charged for that extra service. Consider this in 2006.

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