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Baby Naming Wish

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Since a Naming Ceremony is a ceremony evolving as we speak, it is interesting to see some of the new aspects entering into the celebration, such as making a wish for the baby’s future life.

Not really a new concept. Wasn’t there something about fairy godmothers who wished some wonderful things for Snow White? And wasn’t there one fairy Godmother who was so ticked off by something or other, that instead of a good wish, she landed Snow White with a rather bad one?

At a Naming Ceremony making a wish can take many formats. Each guest present can be asked to write out their wish, and after each piece of paper is collected, the wishes can be buried under a tree which is planted in honour of the baby.

Or, within the context of the ceremony, a candle can be lit and circulated among the guests. Each guest holds the candle while making a silent wish and then passes it on to the next. Nothing to stop the person who wants to do so, to express the wish out loud.

It would be interesting to know what types of things people value enough to wish for this new human being to experience. One can imagine the normal staff like health, happiness, long life, success, richess etc.,

But what would really be the most valuable thing that could be given to a new born baby?

Perhaps they would be things that we could never express because they go so much against the grain of that which we have been taught to value.

Could we ever dare to say, for example, I wish for you to be whatever you choose to be, as opposed to what we all expect you to be. Will being a drop out of school make your happy? Well then, don’t let me stop you. Draw up your own blueprint. Create your own life.

Vlady Peters is an Australian Civil Marriage Celebrant authorised to perform marriages in Australia. She also perform general ceremonies such as Baby Naming, Renewal of Vows and Commitment Ceremonies. To learn more about her as a celebrant and an author visit vlady at

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