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Book Review: How to Sell Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories on eBay

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By Charlene Davis

ISBN: 1-599180-05-7

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press (2006)

189 pages


Noted eBay expert Charlene Davis (who co-authored “Make BIG Profits on eBay” with Jacquelyn Lynn) focuses her attention this time exclusively on eBay’s second-largest category — buying and selling clothing, shoes, and accessories online. This Entrepreneur Magazine Pocket Guide provides a crash course in setting up a clothing company, acquiring merchandise, establishing and running online auctions, providing customer service, marketing and promotion, and dozens of other great ideas for selling on eBay.

In an easy-to-read style, Davis offers suggestions from her own selling experiences combined with ideas from eBay PowerSellers, i.e., online sellers with quantity, quality, and longevity. “How to Sell Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories on eBay” is punctuated by helpful tips that offer additional information, such as websites to help you choose a company name and sidebars that further elaborate on the text, such as how to take effective photographs to display items on eBay.

Davis pays close attention to little details that will be extremely valuable to new online sellers. She explains where (and when) to find bargains that you can sell later, what to look for in clothing items, how to properly wrap and ship merchandise, and how to keep track of your money while operating your business. She even talks to a supervisor of computer crimes from the police department to determine the safety of using child models to sell kid’s clothing and other products.

Although focused on clothing, shoes, and accessories, much of the material in this book can be used for buying and selling a variety of products, both online and at your local department stores, outlet malls, consignment stores, and thrift shops. A resource guide, glossary, and index provide extra information for getting newbies started on their eBay business.

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