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Golf – Fun For All Ages

  • Posted January 5, 2007
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If you were to ask anyone the hardest sport to get good at they would all likely say the same thing, golf. The reason is that golf has recently taken off and is becoming the fastest growing sport we have ever seen. Why in the world is that? For many years the only ones that played the game of golf were older men. It happens that this same group of older men dressed really badly, which led to the development of a lot of golf stereotypes.

The reason that so many people are getting into the sport and discovering the immense challenge that it poses is because it is just a fun sport to play. Golf is a very social game. Granted you can go to the course by yourself and hit the balls down the fairway and on the green and move on, but what kind of fun is that? The reason golf makes such a great game for groups is that it is slow paced enough to hold a great conversation with a close friend or a potential business partner. Actually, there are millions of huge business deals that get started and closed on the course.

It is also one of the only games that you can drink beer all day and still have a good time playing. Try having a beverage while playing a game of football. It will not work.. I guess the reason older people played golf for so many years is that they like to have conversations and remember the days before video games and television. Those were the days that talking was the entertainment. It is great that the younger generations are learning to appreciate things that are old fashioned, things that take time to develop skill for, and things that are slower paced and methodical.

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