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Failure to Train Sales People Can Ruin Your Company

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If you set up a sales force in your company it behooves you to spend much time on teaching the sales men and women in your company the ins and outs and fundamentals of selling.

Additionally they need to be acutely aware of all your company’s products and services, terms and conditions, delivery and customer service. But that is not all you must stay up on the competition’s offerings too and then break this down for your sales people and train them in all aspects of all of this.

One thing our company was aware of was my passion for training and my mantra;

“Failure to Train Sales People can ruin your Company”

and by God I was not about to let such a thing ruin my company or even one single territory or franchised outlet that we opened. ( is my company).

You see; Failure to train your sales force, sales staff and sales people really can ruin your company and faster than any competitor ever could. It is essential to have competently trained staff working for your team.

And when you do you will know it, as sales will post consecutive gains month after month and year after year. If you are wishing to have sales at those levels then you must train your sales staff and make sure they all can cut the mustard. Please consider all this in 2006.

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