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Train Your Sales People to Be Organized

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If you are in sales training you know how salesmen and women can often be. When I was younger I ran a mobile car wash company and would go clean cars at the office complexes and often we would wash and vacuum cars for sales people who wanted to have a clean car to take people to lunch in or for business meetings.

Often we would have sales people call us and ask us if we saw a little piece of paper they had lost with some writing on it or a business car with an important phone number on the back after we had cleaned their car. Well I use to think what a scatterbrain. Generally, we would take all the little pieces of paper under seat and on the floor and put them into a small pile somewhere and vacuum, clean the windows, wipe off the dash and lock the doors.

Eventually, I realized that being unorganized was a common trait of sales people and an unfortunate truth. We then developed a strategy to better serve these sales people when we washed their cars. We had envelopes made which said; “Important papers and phone numbers” and envelopes had holes punched in them to fit the weird holes of the Day Planners.

When we cleaned the inside of their cars we would grab all the papers, even napkins with writing on them and put them in the envelope and leave it on the passenger seat for them. Actually you know what is the funniest about this? We used this as a selling tool and told them about it, in order to secure them as weekly car wash customers. Now that is selling! Consider all this in 2006 and train your sales people to be more organized.

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