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Hurricanes and Language

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We know that cataclysmic evolution can wipe out an entire tribe in Indonesia such as a major catastrophic event like a Volcano, Tsunami or a Major Typhoon. If an island tribe had its own language and dialect then that language may have died due to the last few inhabitants escaping to another island and perhaps joining a different tribe.

Over time eventually they would die and no one would be left with knowledge of that language. The major category hurricanes in the Atlantic can cause the same issues and may well have in the past eliminated island dialects and languages. For those that study language of the human species they know all too well that cataclysmic evolution has in fact changed many of the languages.

Today many of these lost languages may actually have words that have lived and grown with other languages and become part of those languages. Major weather events such as floods, Cyclones, Hurricanes and Typhoons have played a part in the evolution of language in the human species.

Other cataclysmic events such as Volcanoes, larger Earthquakes and Tsunamis will have also played a part in the changes of languages over the millenniums. Studying the history of languages is very important and it gives us insight into how we communicate naturally as a species and why. Perhaps you will consider all of this in 2006.

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