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Troubleshooting Dish Network

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Many times we experience trouble in Dish Network due to some reasons such as bad weather or due to changes in voltage spikes. Many of us have experienced this problem it becomes a very difficult task to come out of such a difficult situation. This article is intended to provide novice users guide how to deal with such critical situation.

If something intercepts with the signal getting from the satellite to your dish the picture is surely going to suffer. If the signal is blocked completely, your picture will disappear completely. So Make sure that there is nothing in between your dish and where your dish is pointing in the sky. This could include: a tree branch, your motor home, your neighbor’s motor home, a build-up of snow, ice, or excessive water on the dish, or anything else you could possibly imagine. Luckily, the solution is simple. Get the signal flowing without restraint back to your Dish Network receiver by removing the obstruction.

The Cables and Connections – The wiring and connecting parts that carry the signal from the dish to your Dish Network receiver could also be part of the problem. It is unlikely that the image will suddenly cut out on you, especially in the fourth quarter, if the wiring is bad. The easiest way to test this is to ensure that the reliability of the cables is still intact and that all of the connections are tight. If you are still not getting picture to your television, try plugging the cables into another TV, or routing the picture through your VCD.

Your Dish Network Receiver – On a very rare occasion, your receiver may stop receiving or decoding the signal properly. Firstly, reset your receiver by pressing and holding the Power button on your satellite receiver’s panel for 10 seconds. Your receiver will reset and return to normal and it is possible the problem may be solved. This is to set the receiver to default setting in case you have made some unnecessary setting changes If you are not able to solve the problem using the above methods you can solve it be calling 1-800-333-DISH (3474) the contact number of Dish Network technical support team. Just give them a call and they will try their best to fix your problem.

Thus try this steps before disturbing your crystal clear television. With these above mentioned steps, you should be able to fix some of the problems. Please do not try removing any hardware or the dish. Do not try to chirp inside what’s wrong as it’s dangerous. Safety should always be the first priority.

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