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Hurricanes and Out Door Camping

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Many people who go out door camping are careful not to take any electronics with them such as a cell phone, pagers or even radios. They want to leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind them while they are camping in the wilderness. This makes a lot of sense, however it does not make too much sense during the Atlantic tropical hurricane season and you should be advised to at least take a radio and check-in once a day on the weather.

Mother nature can be ruthless during major storms and during the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season we saw such storms in the fury they can provide. We also noted the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season is also going to be a real big hurricane season. We must all be prepared for this and that includes outdoor enthusiasts who love the wilderness and go camping.

Even the remnants of a large tropical hurricane, as the winds die down can cause extreme flooding inland. In fact, hurricane Beta in 2005 caused over 3000 deaths in Mexico in villages up in the mountains and it barely made category 1, and the winds had died down substantially. But unfortunately it just kept bringing more and more precipitation and the mountain could not hold up. Please consider this 2006.

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