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Win Almost Any Fight With This One Simple “Move”

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Almost nobody teaches this but, winning a fight on the street has almost nothing to do with how many “moves” you know, how much brute strength you possess or how fast and coordinated you are.

No, the real secret of winning street-fights is simply how good you are at “intercepting” an attack that is already coming at you.

What do I mean by intercepting an attack?

Let me put it to you this way:

Imagine you are in a shouting and shoving match with some drunk in a bar and he begins winding up to punch you.

When you understand how to “intercept” an attack, taking this guy out is as simple as jabbing his eye with your finger as he cocks back.

Or, if he was to “shoot in” at your legs, it would be a simple matter of bringing your knee up into his face — and therefore intercepting his charge and putting him down on the ground.

You see, the beauty of this is you don’t have to be a blackbelt or even be very “tough” to win fights.

One well-placed eye jab or knee to the face can do more for your survival on the street than the fanciest martial arts moves in the world.

Sifu Matt Numrich is one of only a few instructors with Full Certification in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, and also the Filipino Martial Arts. His students include everyone from Federal Air Marshals and military elites…to small children and 65-year old ladies. Matt also offers free weekly street-fighting lessons by email at

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  • Posted On January 5, 2007
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