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How to Set Your Self Apart With A Unique Resell Rights Packaging Strategy

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This is Edmund Loh here with something to share on unique Resell Rights packaging strategy. I learned that Resell Rights packaging can worry most resellers thus if you are one of them, I hope you find this article useful.

Little doubt – the Resell Rights market is extremely competitive today. When you purchase Resell Rights that are easily available, it often means that you are not the only person or entity that has purchased those rights. But this doesn’t mean you can’t win big as a reseller. So, if you are going to succeed in today’s market, you must find new ways to repackage your Resell Rights products.

There are many ways that you can make your Resell Rights product unique. However, first, you must check your reseller license so that you are aware of what you are (not) allowed to do. Different creators of products have different requirements for their products that they make available for resell. For instance, some may state that you cannot change anything about the product – you can only resell it, while others may give you full license to do what you will with the product.

Once you know what you can and cannot do as far as your license goes, you are ready to begin work on your Resell Rights products unique packaging. When you think of ‘repackaging’ it’s often hard to imagine how one might ‘repackage’ a digital product. You are most likely envisioning changing the ebook cover of the product – using one of your own or having one created especially for the product – as opposed to using the one that is included in your resell package. This is an excellent place to start.

Most of the other resellers will be using the same ebook cover that is included in the packaging. Making your Resell Rights product stand out will require a fresh new look. There are many different ebook cover designs available – for free – on the Internet, and you can of course use those. However, it would probably be in your best interest to create your own, or have one created for you.

There are many different types of software available today that can help you create your own unique ebook cover. This software is usually very inexpensive, and very useful. This software is extremely easy to learn and use and you should not have any problems with it. But the ‘outside’ look of the package isn’t exactly what will set you apart from your competition. There is, in fact, a great deal more that you can do with the inside of the package.

There are several things that you can add to your Resell Rights products package that have nothing to do with your license, or changing the product itself in anyway. In this area, you have a free hand, and you can do what you feel will work best and set you apart from the competition.

Some ways to make your Resell Rights product package unique is to include other bonuses, audio recordings, videos, articles, or even software that is related to the product. You can also think ‘outside’ of the box. For instance, you could create a ‘member’s only’ forum for customers that purchase your Resell Rights product, depending on what the product is. You could also effectively combine several Resell Rights products that are related to each other to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations. As a marketer, you know that over delivering is one of the many keys to success – and by repackaging your Resell Rights products, you will be over delivering in a way that your competitors are not!

The important thing is to add value to the Resell Rights product that your competitors are not adding – or to exceed what they are adding to the package. Put some real thought into it, and see what you come up with. You will of course need to change any sales copy that was included with your Resell Rights product to reflect your packaging – including changing the graphics for your new ebook cover!

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