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Marketing for the Professional Practice or Small Company

  • Posted January 6, 2007
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If you own a small business or professional practice then you know that you need to be fully engaged in marketing your company. You also know that even with word-of-mouth advertising and customer referrals that there is something called attrition and you know if you wish to make more money and cater to the best high paying customers you need to make sure your message is getting out to your target customers.

Well, is it? Marketing for the Professional Practice or Small Company is not always as easy as it looks and there are good ways to do this which will not break your back or budget. Is your small business involved in helping the community in service clubs, sponsoring non-profits or helping?

They call this cause marketing and it makes a lot of sense really? After all why not support the community, which has supported you? This is one great way to Market a Professional Practice or Small Company, which caters to the community and works in a smaller market. Law Firms often volunteer legal services for non-profits or the lawyers (scum of the Earth, opinion) sit on boards of directors of non-profits.

Doctors and Chiropractors often do the same. I have seen Chiropractors hang out at the end of a 10K foot race for the runners. All these things are ways to help your business help the community and it is smart marketing. Be creative and consider all this in 2006.

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