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Top Psychic Mediums Of Our Time

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In present times, several people have learnt to discover the inner self and with it their psychic abilities. James Van Praagh is a psychic who has been able to bridge the gap between the living and the dead. He claims to feel the emotions and personalities of the deceased. Van Praagh is a clairvoyant and an expert on the subject.

Born in Bay Side, NY, James Van Praagh’s popularity rose during his appearances on the NBC talk Show, The Other Side. The show explored paranormal issues and portrayed him as an expert on the subject of life after death. He touched the lives of many people through his television appearances on shows such as Oprah, Larry King Live and 48 Hours. He is the author of best-selling books including Talking To Heaven, Reaching To Heaven, and Healing Grief. Van Praagh also teaches medium classes and has produced successful television projects.

As a child, James remembers having a tremendous fascination with death. He was raised as a Catholic and served as an altar boy. He entered the seminary at the age of fourteen, where his sense of spirituality began.

James Van Praagh graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Broadcasting and Communications. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles where he became involved in metaphysics and psychic phenomena.

Rose Ann Schwab is a celebrity and psychic medium with over 49 years of experience. She is one of the mostly highly respected and highly intuitive individuals in America. Born and raised in Iowa, she moved to Minnesota in 1992. She is a clairvoyant psychic, healer, spiritual teacher, author, artist and visionary. Many of today’s top psychics approach her for guidance. Rose has received numerous awards and recognitions for officially documenting the truth to her claims.

Rose is a former member of the National Association of Women Business Owners. For over three years, NAWBO used her company, Rose & Angelic Inspirations Inc. as a spokesperson for their organization. She is a current member of the National Association of Female Executives.

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