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Military Applications for Tongue Body Piercing

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Can the US Military Special Forces use body-piercing strategies to help soldiers do their job better? What about tongue piercing? Indeed that is an interesting thought, but does that make sense? Well believe it or not some are considering this and many research scientists are considering borrowing body-piercing technologies from the private sector. In fact a couple of think tank members recently brought up this subject when Swift from Las Vegas stated:

“I was reading about some interesting research that is occurring for the Navy Seals. They are working on sonar perception by connecting the tongue to brain ports through 144 electrodes. They didn’t have a picture of how large the system of electrodes would be, but it might be a difficult prospect for someone with a strong gag reflex. Most Seals are men and most probably aren’t used to putting large items, other than food, in their mouths. It is a great idea though.”

Due to micro-mechanical small devices you might be able to rap it with an inert device and insert it like those tongue body-piercing things that teenagers get? Then it should not be a problem it might also release encapsulated bacteria packs to prevent water or food poisoning? You could put 144 electrodes on three or four of those is they were flat on both sides and had a silver (for bacterial safety reasons) stem between them? It could work that is a smart project. Perhaps this idea has some merit and we must therefore consider this in 2006.

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