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ADHD, Apnea and Tonsils?

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Are some kids with ADHD having sleep problems due to their tonsils being enlarged? Does this issue cause them to not receive the proper sleep they need and thus cause issues with ADHD?

Sounds kind of far fetched perhaps, yet a recent study suggests all this could in fact be related and thus it became a topic of conversation in an online think tank as one member, Swift from Las Vegas stated;

“There is also another study that is looking at kids with ADHD and a lot of them also have enlarged tonsils and the sleep disorders related to being unable to breathe without snoring at night–apnea even.

A year after these kids have surgery both their sleep and concentration are significantly improved, which is a lot better than putting them on medication for years and years. I have to let my nephew know about this as large tonsils appear to run in families, from what ear, nose and throat doctors have told me.

That makes a lot of sense really, but then is it really a left-brain right brain issue or is it something else? And if this study finds such a correlation, is the tonsil not becoming enlarged due to excessive chemical making in the brain and thus the ADHD is causing the tonsil issue and not the other way around thru the sleep apnea? Perhaps this needs to be studied more? Interesting indeed. Consider all this in 2006.

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