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DVD Rental Stores

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Isn’t renting a DVD and wathing it at home a better option than driving to a movie theater and spending a lot of money on a movie that you really didn’t want to see? Certainly, there is nothing like the silver screen for the big blockbuster hits, or the expansive cinematography of some of the art flicks. But if you don’t mind a small screen – or if you have a veritable home theater in your home – DVD rental stores can be your savior for movie night.

DVD rental stores have all kinds of movies from classics to the very latest releases, comedy, drama — you name it. All you have to have is enough time to browse up and down the neatly categorized aisles of the video store and select the movie(s) of your choice. Stores can look up movies on online lists and confirm availability of a particular movie.

Customers can usually keep rented movies for a week to ten days depending on the store’s policies. This allows for watching the movie at one’s own leisure.

DVD rental stores have varied hours, but it is important to drop off your DVDs before the store closes to avoid late charges. Most stores have outside slots, so a customer can just drop the DVDs into the drop box and not enter the store. DVD’s can usually be reserved by calling the store and will be held for a certain amount of time. DVD stores make it a point to have enough copies of the latest movies to keep customer’s happy, although some of the more popular movies should always be reserved.

Many stores sell DVDs at a substantial savings. Buying is a good alternative to renting if you wish to watch the movie a number of times.

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