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How to Establish a Successful Online Business Plan – Part 2

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Continuing from Part 1, your entire business is hinged on
the quality and value of your front-end or to say it another
way, your business is hinged on the satisfaction of your

The big money is in the repeat sales, the backend products.
If your customers are not satisfied with your front-end
product their will be no repeat sales. Without backend
products your company will be operating at well below half
of it’s potential.

Do not think that your business is different. How
successful you are at marketing your backend products
depends entirely on one thing – the quality of your
front-end product. If your front-end product disappointed
your customers they will not buy your more expensive
backend no matter how great you make it sound.

They have been cheated and they will resent you for it. If
on the other hand, they were amazed by the quality of your
front-end product they will jump at the chance to buy a
bigger, better product from you that will solve an even
more pressing problem in their lives.

The quality or usefulness of your front-end product should
not be based on its price tag. You should over deliver on
your front end. You want people to think “I can’t believe I
paid only ‘x’ amount of dollars for this.” Then, when you
offer them your backend you will already have built
incredible trust and they will be much, much more likely to

You see, making a superior, high-quality product is 80% of
the work. Marketing is not really that much work. Anybody
can market but to create a truly excellent, valuable
product takes time, patience, research, skill, motivation,
and talent. Not anyone can make a great product. If you
have the drive and talent it takes to create a great
product then you should have no problem with marketing it.
Great products are the only products worth selling.

If you feel that your product is somehow low par or low
quality, you will be fighting yourself every step of the
way. You will have trouble staying motivated, your
conscious will nag you, and there will be no passion or
belief to fuel your sales messages.

Now that you see the importance of initiating your
business plan, the development of your product or service
is a separate phase for a reason. Too often I see and hear
about entrepreneurs trying to blend and combine the
different stages of setting up a direct sales business.
They skip around, and they do things out of order. They get
their idea. Then they start working on their website, then
they start on the product, then they write the copy, then
they go back to working on their website some more, then
they start working on their autoresponder campaign, then
they go back to working on their product.

In order to get the best results, focus on one thing at a
time. Spreading your focus, time, and attention out over 3
or 4 tasks simultaneously does not allow you to produce any
one thing well. Shifting your entire focus on a single task
is incredibly powerful. I have found that perhaps the
greatest benefit of focusing effort on a single task is
that it allows for bursts of creativity that otherwise do
not occur.

Beyond that, you will produce better results in a shorter
amount of time by focusing on one thing at a time. Focus
tends to create momentum that is difficult to accumulate
otherwise. It isn’t as much fun and it does take discipline
but doing one thing at a time has proven time and again to
produce better results. It is tempting to take on
everything at once as one feels as though they are
accomplishing more in a shorter amount of time, which is

When you tire of one task you should work on another for a
while and then come back when you are ready. This is highly
recommended. If you grow tired of working on your product
then leave it alone for a couple days and do something else
entirely. Take a day off, go fishing, spend some quality
time with your family, etc. But do not begin on another
phase or you risk spreading yourself too thin. When you do
something. do it right. Focus 100% of your efforts,
talents, thoughts, and energy on that single task until it
is complete.

Upon completion, once your product is complete you should
have it reviewed by the most honest people you know. If
possible, don’t tell them that you created the product,
just ask them what they think about it. Make sure that they
are knowledgeable about the niche and the problem you are
attempting to solve.

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Abe Cherian is the founder of Multiple Stream Media, a company that helps online businesses find new prospects and clients, who are anxious to grow their business fast, and without spending a fortune in marketing and automation.

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