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Why is the FTC Able to Define Every Word Except; Incompetence

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Recently I was reading a 200 page report by the Federal Trade Commission on business opportunity propose legislation. I then noticed how much time was spent defining words in their report. In fact most of it was definitions and they failed to define a one word which summarizes the entire Federal Trade Commission or FTC and that word is; incompetence.

After the CAN SPAM Act was signed into law the Federal Trade Commission took over the duty in catching the spammers. But before they started to enforce any SPAM cases, they spent nearly a year defining what SPAM was and by that time the amount of SPAM went up to 3000 percent.

Now, it is great to have all these definitions but my question is; why is the FTC or Federal Trade Commission able to define every Word except; incompetence. Clearly it seems and is my personal professional opinion that the Federal Trade Commission or FTC is probably the most incompetent agency in the history of the United States of America.

We all know that legal definitions are important of course and I have no problems with that. But if the Federal Trade Commission and is incompetent and I believe they are, then how can we trust their definitions in the court of law anyway. I wish to clearly define the word incompetent in this article. Incompetence = The Federal Trade Commission. Thank you, I am glad we got that out of the way. This has been another opinion from Lance.

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  • Posted On January 8, 2007
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