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Genetically Smarter Humans Should Not Have to Endure Incompetent Masses

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There are all obviously humans amongst us who are much smarter than the average in the population and as we measure IQ tests we see that many of the smartest people are off the charges on the IQ tests. Yet in our society there are many people who are between 80 and 95 IQ and that is barely passable and you have to wonder how anyone can argue that some humans or genetically smarter than others.

In which case, why should genetically superior human beings have to into work and live with the incompetent masses? Indeed, sometimes they don’t in fact many of them live away from society in gated communities and generally they are at the top of their profession and make quite a bit more money.

They choose not to live with the masses or deal with their incompetence or listen to their sound and theory signifying nothing. You cannot blame a genetically smarter humans or a human being, which has studied all their life and through nurturing has made up for any genetic inferiority and therefore joined the smarter group to wish to go back and deal with the ignorant masses either.

Those humans, which are genetically smarter and have been nurtured in education properly are so far ahead of the average human and any civilization or society that they clearly do not belong there.

We must assist the genetically smarter humans so that they can help the masses rise up and lived a comfortable and fruitful life using their intelligence to help repel civilization as a whole. It makes sense to leverage these super genetically smarter humans to help the whole of humanity. Please consider this in 2006.

Lance Winslow

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  • Posted On January 9, 2007
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