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Small Business Blog: Why Wouldn’t You?

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Thinking of new ways to interact and communicate with the vendors and clients of your small business? You should set up a small business blog. Blogging has introduced a new method for people to communicate online. Initially when blogs were first introduced they were used as personal diaries to chronicle the events and feelings that were occurring in someone’s life. This is not what we’re talking about when discussing a small business blog.

You’re small business blog should discuss things relevant to your small business. Perhaps you could mention a special promotion that your company may be having or the addition of a new team member. These are things that you can mention in your small business blog. It allows your customers to see a little bit more of a human side to your business.

In addition to communicating with your customers blogs also offer the benefit of additional traffic from the search engines. Search engines love blogs because the content is fresh and is constantly updated. So as you continue to post to your small business blog your traffic from search engines will also tend to grow. This is just a side benefit and I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on it unless that was your focus.

In a nutshell the small business blog has numerous benefits to the small business owner. It provides another means for communicating with clients and vendors and also provides increased exposure online for the small business. If you’re a small business owner and considering the idea of setting up a blog then I’d say, “Go For It!”

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