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Sunrocket Internet Phone Service – One of the Best VoIP Providers for the Money

  • Posted January 9, 2007
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Sunrocket internet phone service is probably the best VoIP value available in the United States today. At $199 for a year’s worth of unlimited local and long distance calling within the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, Sunrocket’s annual plan works out to only $16.58 per month. With this annual broadband phone service plan, you need to pay the $199 up front, but you will never see any additional charges. Sunrocket’s VoIP plans are “all-inclusive”, meaning there are no extra fees commonly associated with other telephone service and cellular service providers. Sun Rocket does not charge extra for the various FCC and governmental access fees, and there are no add-on taxes either. What you see is what you get with Sunrocket, which is one of the really nice things about this VoIP provider.

Unique Features Regarding Sunrocket’s Unlimited Annual VoIP Plan

Sunrocket offers some really unique “freebies” for annual subscribers that not common with most VoIP services. For starters, you get a free extra phone number to use as you wish. This number can either be a local phone number or an “anywhere” phone number, the choice is yours. Some people use the extra number as a second local number and give it to a child. What kid wouldn’t want his/her own private phone number? Those with home offices can use it as a separate business number. If you like, you can get the extra phone number in a different area code, allowing “local” calling from a different state. This is a great for subscribers who have family in a different area of the country, as they can then call you anytime for free. The number is local to them, so no long distance charges are incurred.

Sunrocket also provides free Enhanced 911 Service (E911) to all subscribers, a service that many VoIP providers charge extra for. E911 is important to have if VoIP is used as your primary residential phone service because internet phone service is by nature not associated with a physical location. E911 technology allows subscribers to enter their current physical address into the system. When an emergency call is made, it is routed to the closest 911 dispatcher, and your address is transmitted as well. Without E911, you would have to tell the emergency services operator your location. E911 provides this information up front, allowing for faster and more efficient response to emergencies.

Other freebies include two free directory assistance calls per month, and $3 per month of free international calling. You might not think that $3 will go very far when making international calls, but with Sunrocket international rates as low as .03 per minute to 41 countries and cities, this works out to 100 free international minutes for calling places like Europe, Japan, China, Malaysia, Monterey, Mexico City and more. If the country you want to call is not included in one of the .03 per minute “sunspots”, Sunrocket’s international rates to most international destinations are still much cheaper than most other providers.

Sunrocket Calling Features

One of the great things about any internet phone service is all the free calling features that come with it. Like most VoIP providers, Sunrocket service includes free caller ID, call waiting, call return, 3-way conference calling, call forwarding and voicemail. There are around 14 free features with Sun Rocket VoIP; not quite as many as companies like Vonage and Packet8 offer, but these providers are more expensive as well.

About Sunrocket

Sunrocket was founded in 2004, and is committed to providing high-quality, low cost residential VoIP service with “no-hassle” pricing. Sunrocket’s top management includes highly experienced people from the internet/information technology industry. CEO Lisa Hook used to be President of AOL Broadband, Premium and Developer Services. Their CIO Robert Kramer formerly served as Senior Vice President, Business Technologies at America Online, Inc.

Sunrocket is probably the fastest growing internet phone service provider in America, and their service area is expanding quickly as well. As of January 2006, Sunrocket service was available to 75% of U.S. households, including 96 of the top 100 United States markets. Sun Rocket offers “unconditional satisfaction” and will provide a reasonable refund to any subscriber who is not completely satisfied with the service.

In addition to the annual service plan, Sunrocket also offers a “limited” monthly plan which includes 200 minutes of local and long distance calling.

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