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Is Your Job Becoming Extinct? Here’s What To Do

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Job growth–or lack of it–and the levels of
unemployment continue to confuse obtuse
government analysts and the Wall Street crowd.

Why? They are ignoring the dramatic effect of
rapidly-increasing self-employment.

Recently, the weekly number of unemployed declined,
but the number of newly-created jobs was very
small. How could that happen when there were not
enough new jobs created that week?

Simple. More and more people are becoming
self-employed, no longer wanting, needing and
even seeking jobs.

One reason: many kinds of American jobs are an
endangered species. They’re simply not needed any
more by corporate America.

These jobs include office administrators,
production/factory work, farmers and ranchers, stock
clerks, sewing machine operators, mail clerks, mail
machine operators, computer operators, secretaries,
telemarketers, meter readers and part-time sales people.

The reasons: office technology, changes in business
practices, escalating plant and factory automation,
declining numbers of small farms due to acquisition,
RFID technology for inventory management, offshore
outsourcing, employees doing their own word
processing and data entry, heavy use of email,
optical scanning and voice recognition systems, and
growing e-commerce and automated reordering

Don’t hold your breath, waiting to return to the
good old days of being paid $15 to $20 per
hour–plus benefits–for low tech, old fashioned
office and factory work. These Happy Days will not
be here again.

You have to learn more to earn more–continuously,
and you must also become self-employed and attain
Internet proficiency to succeed in the 21st Century.

Brain experts say we only use 5 to 10% of our brain’s
memory, so we all have lots of room to store new

What some powerful proof that globalism and the
decline of jobs are permanent? The IBM worldwide
Chief Procurement Officer does not work at IBM
Corporate Headquarters in Armonk, NY. His office is
now in China.

A recent study says that 72% of households are
thinking about starting a home based business. And
73% of Americans use the Internet regularly. Most
likely, there’s considerable–perhaps perfect–overlap
of these two groups.

Don’t be left out or left behind. You, too, should be
starting or expanding your home based business and
becoming a proficient and prolific Internet user to
build your businesses.

There’s an old saying, “he who hesitates is lost.”
Comedian Mel Brooks changed that to “he who
hesitates is poor.” Mel’s right!

Poverty is a deliberate choice caused by a mindset
focused on lack and coasting–at your family’s
expense–by passively living in the past, rather than
seeking today’s 21st Century opportunities.

Wait no longer. Don’t become an endangered species.
Eagles can die off as an endangered species or soar
majestically to search for more desirable places for
them to flourish.

This applies to you, too. What kind of eagle do
you want to be–one becoming extinct or one soaring
boldly to incredible success?

The choice is yours. The best choice is self-employment.

Remember, at best, “he who hesitates is poor.”

John J. Alquist owns and operates Alquist Enterprises. The firm offers professional speaking, writing/authoring, and business consultant–and it operates two MLM businesses. Contact John at [email protected] or by IM (emancipator21). Or visit him online at

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