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Language and Communication Issues; We Must Make Spanish Mandatory in All Schools

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If we continue to allow over 1 million illegal aliens and illegal immigrants into our country each year then we must start teaching Spanish and make it a requirement to all in our schools. Since our nation is predominantly English speaking, yet we have currently 24 million illegal aliens in our nation of which 82% speak Spanish and 60% speak Spanish only we simply cannot operate our nation without being able to communicate between us you see?

Language and Communication Issues are serious and we need to do something. Either we require that all illegal aliens, illegal immigrants speak English or We Must Make Spanish Mandatory in All Schools and we must do this now.

We simply cannot run our nation in the future with 50 million people or one in 7 people speaking Spanish only. It is going to be a major dilemma and if these folks refuse to learn English or simply cannot due to the difficulty of the language then we all must learn Spanish so we can communicate.

Failure to communicate will lead to massive disruptions and inefficiencies in Business, Government and society. You cannot run a civilization if the humans in it cannot communicate with each other and if we continue to allow this massive illegal immigration then we must worry about the future. Please consider all this in 2006.

Lance Winslow

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  • Posted On January 9, 2007
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