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How To Wring More Sales Out Of That Dead eBook!

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words but can a video save your prospect from reading a thousand?

Every where you look everyone seems to want either everything straight away (they don’t want to wait around) or they want a mobile version so they can do what ever they want to do on the move. Just look at the sales of computer laptops and handheld PSP computer games. It’s changed that much now that you don’t even have to flick through your c.d collection anymore to choose your next album because your iPods has them all stored inside and you can change albums with the press of a switch.

So where does that leave you with your “How-to information product”?

When you think about it the explosion of e-book sales has all been down to convenience your prospect has a problem and wants help now. They see your sales page and like the idea of sorting their problem out straight away, and they also are willing to pay more for an instant download. (Just as a side note when was the last time you went to your local bookstore and paid up to $50 for a book, if you’re like me never. But I never gave a second thought about paying it for a 50 page e-book.)

Should you offer a audio package to back up your text book, or offer a video version that your prospective buyer can watch on the move maybe even on their iPod? You should consider how many more sales you could be making (or losing) by not offering these versions. Don’t be put off by offering these versions because if you main product is good enough and your prospect really wants it they’ll pay even more.

And also as a final note if you don’t start to offer these options it’s only a matter of time before your competition does. So get a head start now and leave you competition standing, choking in your dust!

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