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FTC Worthless in Every Regard

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Some say that the Federal Trade Commission is worthless in every regard and as a studier of their endeavors I completely agree. It is unfortunate to keep reading the Federal Trade Commissions BS press releases, propaganda and public relations pieces knowing that they are misrepresenting the truth and using deceptive advertising tactics on the consumer.

For instance they tell the American People that they will take a bit out of SPAM? Yah right; SPAM in my email box went up 3000% since they took on the CAN SPAM Act case. The Federal Trade Commission obviously misrepresented them selves and used forward looking statements and deceptive advertising and public relations tactics to deceive the American People or were they trying to scare the Spammers into Submission?

Next the Federal Trade Commission tells us that they are going to protect the American People from Identity Theft and have a big to do with all the fanfare, what happens. Not a darn thing, Identity Theft has gone up. Meanwhile the Federal Trade Commission had two laptops stolen here in Scottsdale and guess what? Yes, you guessed it personal information of 110 people or more were on those computers.

Protect the American People from Identity Theft, hell they cannot even protect themselves, how on Earth is this worthless agency suppose to protect the American Consumer? Give me a break. This is yet one more opinion of mine. Thanks for listening and Vote for Lance, it is time we put Americans and their Government on a diet, first to go should be the FTC.

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  • Posted On January 10, 2007
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