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How Can You Control Your Acne?

  • Posted January 10, 2007
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Do you feel awkward when you get new spots? Just how are you supposed to control this acne? A good many people either smother themselves in makeup or go into hiding for a little while! But what causes these spots to appear?

Basically, you’ll find acne is established around the tiny hair follicles that are around your face. Inside these hair follicles, you’ll find an oil gland, commonly known as the sebaceous gland. Now and again, you’ll get dead cells that will clog up your hair follicles and this will cause the bacteria on your face to multiply and feed off these oils, called sebum, and the dead cells. This results in the swelling of your hair follicle, which sees infection set in and the bacteria reproducing. All this leads to that little red spot that is the bane of a teenager’s existence!

All this takes place deep within your hair follicle, therefore surface acne treatments can only help so much in averting these clogs. Actually, if you wash with acne treatments that utilize harsh chemicals and abrasives, then this can lead to your skin producing even more oil, and as it is dried out, this could result in you having worse acne than you began with!

Hair follicles that are functioning normally and skin that is being looked after by a good care schedule will usually need no treatment at all. But there are occasions during our lives that may set off acne; first of all, the cycling of our hormones can lead to plenty of oil on our skin, for guys this usually takes place during puberty and then diminishes. For the gals, this also starts during puberty, however many ladies can also experience problems through their monthly cycles. Pregnancy is a period of intense hormonal changes, and many women turn to acne treatment throughout this period too.

Extreme stress is another possible trigger for acne; it increases your blood pressure and the oil production upon your face. Recent studies have shown that non-organic milk can lead to our growth hormones soaring; this can easily see the onset of acne. Another possible cause of acne is if you have a food allergy. If you do suspect a food can be the responsible for your acne, then simply try cutting it out for 2 weeks and observe if your acne fades away. If so, you have found an effective treatment for your acne!

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