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Using Moisturizers In Your Acne Regimen

  • Posted January 10, 2007
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The final step in your acne regimen is moisturizing. So why is moisturizing important to you? Well, dry skin will simply shed your cells and these cells will just end up clogging your pores, which means more acne treatment!

Moisturizers achieve exactly what their title suggests; they put back the moisture that the washing and toning in your routine removed. You will find some moisturizers that include a sunscreen, however some people are allergic to moisturizers with sunscreen and they can sting their sensitive skin.

It’s essentially the ingredients in moisturizers that contain the mystery as to how it locks the moisture within the skin. There are four fundamental ingredients that help produce any moisturizer. Humectants are often used in foods, so everything remains moist. Glycerin happens to be a common humectant; propylene glycol is a spin-off of it and is known as anti-freeze from our cars. Some doctors believe it can lead to cancer and several doctors wouldn’t recommend it during pregnancy. You will find propylene glycol in almost every liquid and bar soap. Salts and amino acids are natural moisturizing agents, they enter your skin and hold water, and this helps those with sensitive skin to see their skin become soft and pliable.

Emollients help to make a barricade between your skin and the world; they seal in the moisture and lock out the dirt. You will find oil acts as an emollient. Then again, oil is also one of the easier ways to get more pimples! When your treating acne, you need to be certain that everything is ‘oil free’. Lanolin is another emollient that originates from tallow, however there a quite a few people who are allergic to it.

Finally, an emulsifier is added to the mixture. There are numerous moisturizers that include emulsifiers like lecithin (found in egg whites), this keeps the mixture smooth and keeps the ingredients from separating.

So if you want to keep your face acne free, then hold to your twice a day regimen of wash, tone, and also moisturize.

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