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Rock Climbing Shoes

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One of the most important gears a climber should have is a good pair of shoes. As any experienced enthusiast of the sport would advise, you need to have comfortably tight fitting rock climbing shoes. Ordinary rubber shoes may work for easy climbs, but you need shoes that are specifically made for rock surfaces if you intend to be serious about the sport and your safety.

As you grow into the sport, you will need to invest in a good pair of rock climbing shoes. If you are into the sport more for the walking and the simple climbs it allows you, then you may only need a comfortable pair of shoes that are non-slip. But when it is serious cliffhanging that you do, you need performance shoes.

There are different types of shoes for different types of rock climbing activities. For example, you need shoes that are made specifically for bouldering. These shoes are what professional and advanced rock climbers use. They are designed to channel power to the big toes. They also have soft soles that allow the feet to feel for tiny cracks and slim ledges.

For trad climbing, choose ones that have stiff soles. They are designed to support the feet and allow a firm hold on narrow ledges and cracks. The stiff soles prevent the shoes from folding in under pressure. This also prevents toes from being pinched together that can be painful for a climber. These shoes are used by climbers who do more rappelling and belaying activities than bouldering.

Whatever kind of shoes you choose, the most important thing to consider is comfort and the material used. When shopping for rock climbing shoes, always go to sports stores that have rock climbing walls. You must try on the shoes and test them on the wall. Find out how they feel as you try varying amounts of pressure on them as you engage in different twists, turns and reaches.

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