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I My Coffee Break; Scientifically Speaking You are Correct

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Why is it that science keeps doing research and telling us what we already know? It seems that taking a coffee break allows the mind to defrag slightly and help the memory quite a bit. Helping us to replay in our minds the events that unfolded and help us refresh the page so to speak.

In fact scientists have now shown that when you add a little neural stimulant like caffeine into the equation that it really helps us think and become more productive. So, if you are brain is running on empty and you think you need a cup of coffee or a caffeine based soda, well you might want to listen next time and do something about this now proven fact.

Maybe you should tell you boss at work too; who knows surely your company is interested in productivity of its work force right? There is only one problem with all this research and that is the big joke about government workers always being on a coffee break. Well if they are always on the coffee break then would they not get more done, more paper work processed and be a little smarter?

Well, scientists laugh and say that well, maybe the government workers never did any work in the first place before the took the break you see? Indeed that makes a lot of sense, that figures. Good thing this study and research was not funded by the government or maybe it was to trick us all? Consider this in 2006.

Lance Winslow

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  • Posted On January 11, 2007
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